Ligature Overview

The Silverstein Works Ligatures are made from advanced material used for the Space Explorer which never stretches and conforms to mouthpiece shape.

  • Form a perfect seal with minimum stress and automatic pressure distribution.
  • Allow versatile sound control and have a patented design
  • Unprecedented projection, vibration-free reeds, which allow faster responses and more harmonics.

Harmonic Partials

The first thing you will notice is how free the reed becomes. The difference can also be seen in laboratory comparison tests that clearly show the much more defined harmonic partials of our Ligature, indicating a richer, fuller sound.

The 2nd Evolution: Dotted Cord

Interspersed cord with a refined strand – a thinner thread for even less contact and pressure with the reed while maintaining the Ligature’s trademark design and grip. This makes all the difference for greater control, a more dynamic sound, and a richer tone.


All new ligatures are resizable. You can easily adjust ligature size with a standard 1.5mm hex wrench. Now, you can make a ligature perfectly fit to your current or future mouthpieces. If you need a tool, you can buy our resizing kit from online shop.

Handcrafted Aglets

Beautifully matched to main body, these metal aglets prevent potential dislocation and deformation of the cord.

The Innovation: Fine Tuner

The new Fine Tuners change how the ligature responds to the vibrations of the reed, tuning the focus and color of your sound to give you unprecedented control and flexibility. With it, you can adjust your sound to perfectly accentuate the music you play at any time. (Additional Fine Tuners are now available for separate purchase.)

Sound adjustment nut

The nut adjusts tension on the cord. By tightening less, the sound gets darker and a reed vibrates more. It also compensates thickness of a reed. If a reed is too thin, tightening more makes the reed sound like a thicker reed – and vise versa.

Special coating

Advanced metal alloy for better resonance with a wider range of mouthpiece.A nano-scale polymer layer is formed by the unique coating technology over entire surface of the Ligature. -Better resonance -Improve durability -Improved aesthetics with mirror finish


Come with OmniCap that is small enough to fit in a narrow case, secures and protects delicate mouthpiece tip and reed, protects mouthpiece rail, preserves reed moisture, is easily washable and makes no sound when dropped.

Replaceable EZ-pad

The pads on the bottom of the bridge are now removable and replaceable. The new bridges have smoother metal feet, reducing the risk of scratching the mouthpiece even when used without the pads. The ligature comes with 2 sets of replaceable EZ-pads.

Anti-Slip Pad (Sold separately)

The Anti-Slip pads are designed to help prevent slippage of ligatures and scratches for those who need to change instruments in the middle of live performances. Sold separately for A-Frame ligatures.

HEXA Ligature

Ultimate Control

For tonal flexibility and control with perfectly balanced projection.

HEXA Ligature $605 :
Colour :
HEXA Ligature $645 :
Colour :

CRYO4 Ligature

Stage Perfect

For orchestra and solo performance. Warm and round sound with 4 Fine Tuners.

CRYO4 Ligature $339.99 :
CRYO4 Ligature $369.99 :


Reborn Legacy

String ligature made with modern technology. With special alloy that finds hidden possibilites.

Original Ligature Silver $339.99 :
Original Ligature Silver $369.99 :
Original Ligature Black $279.99 :
Original Ligature Black $309.99 :

ESTRO Ligature

For the Legend of Jazz

Strong and focused projection with patented Harmonic Enhancer.

ESTRO Ligature Champagne Gold $469.99 :
ESTRO Ligature Champagne Gold $489.99 :

QUATTRO Ligature

For all wodwind lovers

The most affordable Silverstein ligature. To make you love to play.

QUATTRO Ligature Silver $189.99 :
QUATTRO Ligature Silver $209.99 :
QUATTRO Ligature Silver $189.99 :
QUATTRO Ligature Silver $209.99 :