Taylormade Music Australia are the official distributors of all pInstruments for Australia and the Pacific Islands.

pInstruments are truly authentic plastic musical instruments that have sparked a revolution in the way the music industry thinks about brass instruments.

Affordable, lightweight, durable and fun!

All instruments are available from your local JP/pBone retailer.


pBone is the world’s first plastic trombone; it’s a lot of fun but also a quality musical instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals.

pBone is a fully functioning, medium bore Bb tenor trombone.

RRP $249

pBone mini

pBone mini is pitched in Eb: an alto pBone!

Smaller and lighter. Now the youngest players can join the pBone revolution.

RRP $179


pTrumpet is the world’s first-all plastic trumpet.

pTrumpet is a fully functioning, medium-large bore Bb trumpet.

RRP $249

pTrumpet hyTech

The high quality & affordable student trumpet.

A great player experience suitable for beginners and students at any level.

Available in black, gold & silver finishes.

RRP $395.00


pCornet is the world’s first ever fully plastic cornet – based on the traditional British Shepherd’s crook Bb cornet.

RRP $179


Introducing a fun, musical instrument – pBuzz.

More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone – pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime.

RRP $49.99