The Taylormade Music range of flutes includes three student models aimed at providing new players and those with smaller hands a choice when it comes to selecting their first instrument.

The JP010CH has a curved head joint reduced keywork system enabling even the smallest player to pick it up and play with ease. This lightweight instrument is build to fit around the requirements of younger players and can even be stored in a fully constructed format reducing the likelyhood of breakages when putting together.

The JP011 C Flute is a full sized, full keywork system flute with straight headjoint and offset G and split E mechanisms. The JP011 has received many compliments about the quality of its tone and its performance in a school setting.

All flutes are supplied with a lightweight case and are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.


The Taylormade Music range of clarinets includes a variety of conventional Bb models as well as instruments in a number of other harmony keys including A, Eb and C.

Bb clarinets are available in three models of Soprano instruments (JP021, JP121 and JP221) and two models of bass clarinet (JP122 and JP222).

Three models of Eb clarinet are available including the JP123, JP223 and JP323. The JP123 features a reduced keyword system making it popular with younger players and for use in the education system.

Finally, the JP124 and JP125 C Clarinet found off the range by providing players with the choice of two c clarinets. The JP124 features a full keywork system whereas it’s reduced system counterpart, the JP125, is more suited to new starters and those with smaller hands.

All clarinets are supplied with a mouthpiece, reed and lighweight case.


The JP range of saxophones includes a wide variety of models from sopranino’s such as the JP146 all the way down to Baritones like the JP144 Cadence

We have three models of Eb alto saxophone, the JP041, JP045 and the JP245. The JP245 has garnered much praise from many experts within in the industry who have described it “extraordinarily good value for money” and as having “excellent Intonation and a dynamic range that is nothing short of remarkable for an instrument at this price point.”

Above the alto models are the JP146 Atom Eb Sopranino Saxophone, and three models of Soprano, The JP043, JP043C with curved bell and JP243.

In the lower registers are the JP042 Bb Tenor Saxophone, and two baritone saxophones, the entry level JP044 MKII Eb Baritone Saxophone and the highly regarded JP144 Cadence Eb Baritone Saxophone.


The JP range of oboes include two models, a reduced and full keywork system variant. Both instruments are available in a conservatoire or thumb plate configuration and are highly popular as starter instruments for new players.

The JP081 has a reduced keywork system and features a simple linkage-free design to minimise the chance of breakages when putting the instrument together. Plateau keys and silver plated keywork are featured as standard.

The JP181 has a full keywork system and like the JP081 is available both in a thumb plate or conservatoire configuration. The JP181 has received glowing reviews from Max Spiers of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia who said “the triumph of these instruments is that they really ring. The natural sound of them encourages a warm tone and the scale is even and smooth.”


The JP range of bassoons includes two models, the JP191 MKII C Shortreach bassoon and the JP291 C Bassoon.

The JP191 MKII has been described as “the perfect student bassoon” and is an excellent choice for younger players or those with smaller hands due to its unique ‘shortreach’ mechanism. It features a strong silver plated keywork mechanism, maple body and adjustable spike.

The JP291 is made from ABS making it ideal for schools, music services and training bands and orchestras. This full size model is of a slightly higher specification compared to the JP191 and is supplied with a hard case and student accessories pack which includes everything required for a new player.

All JP bassoons are supplied with two crooks, a reed and a hard case.